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“Mike and Associates,

Congratulations!! Your new office is awesome, especially your waiting area, very comfortable.  And having the patio and pond outside is so peaceful.   We met Amanda and Sandra and what joy they were to talk with. Glad to see Dixie is there with you.  We could see from the recognitions you received tonight that this definitely was a excellent move.   Thank you again for being there for Dennis and me these past years.  You have made our retirement more enjoyable.”

– Dennis and Dolores

“Mike Noon is my hero! I have been dealing with a tax issue from 2015 for about 4 years now but once Mike got involved I knew I was in good hands. He walked me through the entire process, providing the appropriate forms and all but held my hand throughout the process. As an out of state employee this situation became extremely frustrating and I often felt helpless to find resolution. Thanks to Mike I finally have this issue resolved and behind me. I can’t believe it took this long but once Mike got involved it was all forward progress. His response times are stellar, he is friendly and an overall joy to work with. I would highly recommend Mike to work on the most difficult of cases and he won’t disappoint. Thank you Mike!!!”

– Caitlin Butler, Arnold, MD

“My company is based out of California and I work remotely in Ohio. Back in 2016, we realized that there was an issue with the way state taxes were being deducted from payroll in 2015. To make a very long story short, after multiple calls, forms and documentation, we thought this issue was resolved. In 2018, the state of California contacted me again claiming monies were still owed for 2015. Our company suggested that we reach out to Mike Noon for resolution. Mike has been nothing but patient, understanding and helpful throughout this process—a lot of questions and frustrations were thrown his way, but he has been truly wonderful to work with. I received confirmation from Mike yesterday that the assessment amount has been withdrawn and the case is now closed. So grateful to Mike and his team for making this happen!”

– Molly, Cleveland, Ohio, Ohio

“Mike Noon has been outstanding in his service, follow through and recommendations provided. We have been working with their team for over 2 years now and they have provided valuable information that has consistently proved to be sound business and further aided in keeping our company running efficiently. Their professionalism is fantastic and would highly recommend Mike Noon and the team!”

– Any Ferrell, General Manager at Environmental Concepts Landscape Management, Inc., Temecula

“Dear Mike Noon, I would like to just say thank you for the great service again this year in the filing of our personal taxes. You and your team make the process very painless and are always super efficient. Thanks again, The Wilson Family”

– Wilson Family, Temecula

“Mike Noon has handled both our business and personal taxes for the past ten years. The needs and concerns of a small business owner, such as myself, are extensive and time consuming. Mike’s integrity, professionalism, and up to date knowledge of the ever -changing tax laws make us feel that he can be trusted to serve us with our best interests in mind. Mike is always available by phone or appointment to offer financial advice, which we find invaluable. He handles all aspects of our financial report preparations, and our quarterly and year end taxes are always filed accurately and on time. Mike offers significant advice and is able to explain issues in laymen’s terms; he even showed us the advantages of becoming an LLC and helped us through the process. Being able to rely so thoroughly on all aspects of our business and personal finances to be well handled has given us complete peace of mind, and we would recommend Mike to anyone.”

– Ryan Mansell, Mansell Designs

“Mike Noon handles both our medical practice and personal taxes. Mike is an outstanding human being with an amazing breadth of knowledge in accounting and tax law. His experience and knowledge saved us near $10,000 in taxes! I also appreciate Mike’s integrity, and the way he treats his clients with respect, care, and concern. All of the physicians at Eye Associates of Southern California use Mike Noon to manage our business and personal taxes. I highly recommend Mike Noon and look forward to many more years of teamwork between his firm and our business. Without reservation, I endorse Mike Noon and his services!”

– Andrew Doan, MD, PhD, Eye Associates of Southern California,

“Mike Noon has handled my taxes for the past ten years. I have gone from working through college at various restaurants, to owning my own business, to now working for a large corporate institution. I feel confident in knowing that Mike has the knowledge, expertise, and training in all tax areas and I will continue to utilize his firm. With the ever so changing tax laws, I can rest assure that Mike will be able to navigate me through the change and make sure that my personal tax requirements will be met. I have sent many of my clients, friends and family members to Mike over the past few years and I received praise and accolades for doing so. He treats everyone with respect, and I feel like he truly cares about the success of his clients and I will continue to refer my family and friends to him.”

– Andy Litteral, San Diego

“Mike Noon has managed my personal taxes for the better part of my working life. Every year I have been consistently offered good advice on ways to better save money with all my business ventures. Mike has unbelievable patience and a very professional work ethic that allows him to get things done in a quick and reliable fashion. I have recommended Mike Noon’s financial services to numerous friends and colleagues with great confidence that they too will appreciate his knowledge, integrity and professionalism as I have. I only vouch for people that make me look good!”

– Aron Langellier, Verant Group, San Diego

“Mike Noon has been extremely helpful in my situation. I have been in business for 31 years and have used the same accountant for the past 25 years. When I received a letter from the IRS for an audit for my business, I began looking for an accountant in my area. I needed to find someone I can easily speak with and call upon when needed. Mike was referred to me by an Attorney, Petro Canestrelli. Meeting Mike has made all the difference in the world to me! Mike walked me through the audit process with confidence and it resulted in a positive outcome. I am so confident in using him as my accountant for both personal and business. Mike has so much knowledge and confidence in what he does. He is both professional and personable. I am looking forward to working with Mike long term and I highly recommend him to others! Mike has a passion for what he does and passion to serve his clients.”

– Michael Howell, Temecula, California

“Mike Noon has been a great asset to my family. When my grandmother passed away and my mother was left with tax questions, I referred her to Mike. He was courteous, knowledgeable, accessible and extremely efficient. Mike sorted out the heaps of paperwork and provided quick, easy answers and explanations for each of our family’s questions and concerns. Not only did Mike help with the present, he had an eye for the future, explaining the tax implications of various financial decisions. His time and effort were fairly compensated and it was worth every penny.”

– George Elias, Temecula, CA

“Mike Noon did my taxes for the first time this year and I was very pleased with the way he handled all the paperwork involved — he was always available to answer questions and everything was done in a timely manner. I’ll be back next year.”

– Elaine Elias, Escondido, CA

“I heard from XXX that you were striking out into your own private practice. I don’t want to lose track of you! You are my favorite CPA to work with! I know that I can always get a straight answer from you. You would be surprised at how many of the other folks I “work with” don’t even get back to me!”

– Temecula Bookkeeper

From the moment I called to discuss having a consultation I was treated very professionally by their very friendly and helpful receptionist. Since meeting with Mike Noon he quietly listened and took notes regarding the very poor undertakings of my previous accountant, asking questions, finding out exactly what my situation was. He finished the meeting by giving me advice on how to proceed in the future with certain issues regarding taxation and he has done so ever since. My taxes were filed correctly very quickly and he still keeps in contact regularly to give me advice and help. I wrote to him recently to let him know that he gives me hope every time I contact him, and he does, his knowledge and professionalism gives me confidence that I am in good hands. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to use a straight forward, honest professional to help them to handle their accounts, filing on time, correctly, first time – I certainly will be.

– Jan Vyse, Lake Elsinore

Mike Noon was referred to me by family members who used their services for the first time this year.
Because of various responsibilities, I was unable to file my taxes on time and took an extension. Mike Noon helped me to get both my taxes and my father’s Trust taxes filed on time, even though I procrastinated until almost the last minute. Mike put me at ease and answered all my questions. I have faith in his expertise and will continue to have
him prepare my returns. I also was impressed by the receptionist, Dixie. In fact, after meeting both of them, it was more like dealing with family rather than strangers. I felt like they both really cared about my experience with them and their business. I would highly recommend Mike Noon to all.

– Lana Dougherty, Murrieta

I was referred to Mike Noon last year. He met with me in the middle of the tax season and handled my issue within a half an hour. Upon doing my taxes this year, he discovered a depreciation that hadn’t been taken in five years. He went through the tedious task of amending all those years and got me a substantial refund from my over payment. He is always available for mid year questions and I would without question recommend him.

– Kathy Worden, Temecula, CA

As a fellow CPA, I can attest to Mike’s knowledge, technical skill set, work product, and business ethics. He has proven himself with a rare consistency throughout his career. You’d be very hard pressed to find a better tax accountant and business professional. I’ve nothing but great things to say about Mike.

– Pete Wyndham, CPA, Vista, CA

My fathers trust was mismanaged for many years. When I took over as trustee, I found taxes had not been filed for years. Mike Noon took the reins and organized everything so that we straighten the mess out in a timely and organized manner. He calmed our nerves and fears and was very patient with my father. I would recommend Mike to anyone with any kind of accounting needs.

– Lisa Licon, Coto de Caza, CA

Mike Noon is a Godsend! We were praying for a competent, honest, and legitimate CPA. Our prayers have been answered! Mr. Noon has amazing experience and knowledge, he is better than all of those tax commercials and lawyers combined. He achieved more for us than what we ever could’ve dreamed of! Before we found him, we went through so many CPAs and tax lawyers that cannot compare to the ethics, caring, integrity, personal touch and end result that Mike Noon delivers every time we see him. When you see him, you’re worries will be all over and you will be so glad you did! Mike Noon, thank you so much for everything you have done!

– Monte M., Murrieta, CA

Mike Noon is the best CPA I have ever ran into. We recently switched over to him and I love his responsiveness, attentiveness and kindness. He does what he says he is going to do and in my book that goes a VERY long way. I will definitely be a long term client.

– Jessica Lewis, Murrieta, CA

We became involved in what was ostensibly a Gift Tax issue and the IRS approach appeared ‘cut and dried’ in its application of the interpretation of the law. We were referred to Mike Noon, CPA. Due to his steadfastness and a thorough understanding of the underlying factors he fully undertook the challenge and represented us, both written and oral, resulting in complete vindication and overturning of initial findings.

– Dodgson King et al, Ontario, Canada

Mike Noon saved my family and I over $30,000 with his expertise and knowledge. I was behind on my taxes and my prior CPA had made many mistakes with my returns so when Mike Noon got me up to date (2012 and 2013) I owed the IRS a substantial amount. Through his knowledge, rapport with the IRS, and professionalism, he was able to recommend an option (Offer in Compromise) to possibly lower the amount owed. I decided to take Mike Noon’s advice and am glad I did! I recommend Mike Noon to anyone looking for best CPA around!

– Anonymous, Temecula

We had searched most of southern California looking for a sharp CPA and/or attorney to help split our family business between business and non-business members. Mike Noon had the ability and expertise to deal with all personalties involved and all complicated tax matters to bring a separation to fruition. We’ve have never before experienced a CPA with this level of skill. We are most grateful and would highly recommend his services to family business owners.

– Free at Last, Murrieta, CA

Mike Noon recently helped us resolve an issue with the IRS and the California FTB caused by our previous accountant misfiling our return. We had originally been advised that it may take months to resolve the matter, and we may receive an intent to levy letters in the interim. I took our files to Mike on a Monday morning, and by that evening at 5:30, he presented us with a document faxed from the IRS, showing the matter resolved as well as information on when we would receive a refund from the CA Franchise board. Mike and his staff were professional, timely, and extremely knowledgeable. Needless to say, we have found our new accounting firm! I would absolutely recommend Mike Noon to anyone needing competent tax advice.

– Susan Bieber, Temecula, CA

We received notice of our first IRS audit after thirty years as small business owners. The initial shock and fear of the unknown soon dissipated after meeting with Mike Noon. His professional assurance and guidance gave us confidence throughout the audit process. In addition, with Mike’s excellent communication skills we were kept abreast of current progress with consistent updates. As a result of our experience, we highly recommend Mike Noon. Respectfully submitted.

– Fred and Jeanie Parker, Comtronix Communications

We retained Mr. Noon’s services to assist in the preparation of the 2011 tax return for my aging father. As an accountant myself I was pleased with the competent and expedient work performed by Mr. Noon and his staff — and, further, his prompt response, in writing or by phone, to my questions about the tax filing process and form preparation. The depth of Mr. Noon’s knowledge in tax law and his ability to sift through complications due to investment instruments that my father had not tracked over time, made it a welcome relief to know that my father’s financial matters and tax obligations were in order. I highly recommend Mr. Noon and his team to anyone seeking consultation and support with tax matters and filing or those with complex investment instruments impacting same.

– Leslie Wilcox, Westminster

Mike Noon prepared my taxes for the first time this year and I was very happy with the work he did for me. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I was given clear instructions on what information to bring, was seen almost immediately after arriving for my appointment, and was treated so nicely by the office staff as well as by Mike. My taxes were prepared quickly and to my complete satisfaction. What a pleasure it was to do business with with Mike Noon. I will definitely be back next year!

– C. Ann Van Pelt, Temecula, CA

Mike not only prepared my personal taxes, but he also prepared the taxes for Credential Protection. His attention to detail and his diligence to get the information he required was very appreciated. He met our needs in every possible way. Mike Noon does an exceptional job following following the progress of our tax preparation.

– Thomas Termini, Temecula – Credential Protection

What can I say. Mike is one heck of an accountant and tax preparer. My taxes are not straight forward and therefore an experienced individual is required with a good deal of intelligence and business acumen. Additionally, I really appreciated doing business with a man of integrity and good sense…… …We need to clone this guy!

– Helen Jacobsen, San Diego

We became friends with Mike Noon prior to knowing his career as a CPA. When we started having concerns with the IRS, we were asking around for a reliable, reputable and trusting CPA that could help maneuver us through this challenge with what little knowledge we had. Mike was with us every step of the way: he explained everything we needed to do, why the IRS was doing what they were doing and what we needed to do to fix it. Not only did he resolve the matter at hand, he went above and beyond to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. He will certainly be a friend and our personal CPA for life. We strongly recommend him!

– Donald & Angela McSherry, Menifee

Mike Noon has handled all of my taxes for my businesses and personal. He is proactive and gives great advice. With Mikes expertise he was able to save me more money than my previous tax years. The money he saved me more than paid for his services. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a great CPA.

– Jeremy Jennings, Oceanside Business Owner

We hired Mike Noon after he was a recommended by a trusted friend. Like many other property investors the economic real estate collapse forced us to short sale several investment properties. The resulting tax challenge devastated our financial situation. Mike Noon guided us through the resulting hardship with professionalism And a reassuring care. We are thankful for all his help in reducing our tax obligation. We highly recommend their services.

– Joel and Debbie Hendrickson, Wildomar, CA

I am so glad that I found Mike last year. He did my taxes for two years and I was very pleased with the way he handled my documents and fees. He was always available to answer questions and everything was done in a timely manner, he takes pride in his job. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone.

– Sutisa Amorasingh, Temecula

Mike Noon has handled both our business and personal taxes for the past three years. The concerns of a small business owner, such as myself, are lack of knowledge in this arena was a concern of mine until Mike. Mike’s integrity, professionalism, has really helped and made my company grow. Mike is always available by phone or appointment to offer financial advice, which we find invaluable. He handles all aspects of our financial report preparations, and our quarterly and year end taxes are always filed accurately and on time. We would recommend Mike to anyone.

– Mathew Dool (Dool and Associates), Temecula

I have been actively in business for the past 55 years. I have at this date 3 entities and all mostly involved in real estate land, rental properties and trust deeds. As our business grew and the economic environment changed, I found that I needed to have access to a CPA that had a very rounded and strong knowledge of the tax assessments in the many phases of our business and personal expenditures. Up until this period I employed a very fine Tax Accountant that was almost part of the family. However, as the complexity of our business grew, he and his knowledge did not. It was one of the most difficult business decisions we had to make in moving on to another firm. Mike Noon made the move almost seamless, very pleasant and without any complications, even to the extent of communicating with our previous Accountant and staff without any negative rebounds. Mike Noon is always there on call. We never feel abandoned and he is very quick to respond, as well as his competent staff of accountants. Mike has now handled two tax year-ends and although the tax assessments were there, and we had to pay our share, we were comfortable knowing that it was properly scrutinized and tabulated.

– Dorothy Fasack, Carlsbad

Mike Noon was recommended by a fellow business owner who had used their services for the last 12 years, which in itself says a lot.
Mike Noon is a very sharp and savvy individual. Mike works with you and doesn’t just produce a return and hand you a bill. In today’s environment making a dollar is tough enough, but keeping it is even tougher and I believe Mike works with you to achieve this. Ronald Freier, SDS Construction.

– Ronald Freier, Wildomar